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Tournaments & Classes! 

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Boost your child's critical thinking abilities through playing chess. Let Alec's Chess Club for Kids in Studio City, California, provide your kids with group and private lessons on playing chess.  Now offering classes specifically for Homeschooled children Monday-Friday.  Ask Alec for details.

Tournaments and Group Class!

Two (2) USCF rated chess tournaments every Saturday at Alec's Chess Club for Kids.

Scholastic Tournament (Children 4-17):  12pm-5pm (starting with a group lesson).  Recommended for beginners up through a rating of 1200.

Advanced Tournament (All Ages):  6pm-11pm (approximately).  90/40;30/SD;d10.  Entry Fee $40.  Cash Prizes based on number of participants.  Tournaments last 4 weeks with 1 round per week.  You can also play extra rated games time-permitting.  Note:  Adults Welcome!

Private Chess Lessons

For your convenience, Alec offers daily private lessons online for $30 per hour, or at the Club for $40 per hour.  

Also if you lessons are available at your convenience Monday-Friday.  Minimum of 5 children to form a class. Schedule an appointment by calling (818) 220-0257 or filling out the simple form located below.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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Contact us in Studio City, California, to schedule private chess lessons for your kids.