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1. )  "Alec is a fantastic chess teacher.  My 3 children have been attending his classes for the last 5 years.  He is patient, kind, trustworthy, responsible and teaches and explains everything according to the child's age and level of understanding."   - Adriana

2.)  "Alec's Chess Club is the best! This was the only Chess club I could find in my area and it did not disappoint. We have known Alec since 2017, my son has taken lessons with Alec both in person and virtually. We have also participated in tournaments and community fundraisers Alec has held. My son has Autism, and I always feel nervous with new teachers. My son doesn't always connect with new people and he loved Alec. Alec is a wonderful teacher! He really helped foster my son's passion and interest in chess. Take a chance on Alec's chess club, you wont regret it!"           -Gabriela

3.)  "Alec is a great teacher and person.  He has taught my daughter for a few years now and I just started taking lessons myself.  He is patient and thorough with his teaching as well as making it fun.  My daughter and I look forward to the lessons every week and come away having enjoyed it while learning."  - Doron

4.)  "Alec is our life saver!  When COVID started my son started chess classes online with Alec.  From the first lesson they had a great connection!  Oree is waiting each week to meet Alec and learns so much from him.  They became friends!  And as much as I prefer classes in person I would keep this online class with Alec as long as my child is learning and exploring chess.  Thank you Alec!!!"   -Chen

5.)  "Alec is much more than a trustworthy teacher; he is also our absolute favorite chess teacher!!  My son has had many.  My son is very passionate about chess and we are so thankful that we have found Alec.  Alec is also passionate about chess, knows the game very well, is able to explain it well to his students and is absolutely patient all throughout.  He is very personable, attentive and caring.  He even has live casual tournaments when he is in town, so his students can meet each other and see him live as well.  My son loves these tournaments.  As long as Alec teaches chess, we will never look for another teacher--like we have done in the past with other teachers.  I can't think of a single negative thing to say about him.  I wish all teachers could be as great."  -Jamie

6.)  "My two sons (now 8 and 11) have been taking lessons from Alec for almost 3 years.  Alec is an extremely talented chess player, and he teaches chess in an understandable and fun way.  The virtual setup for lessons is amazing to be able to show game play and assess past games, and allows Alec to host a weekly tournament with kids all the same ages.  My sons love their lessons with Alec and being part of the community of other students who they look forward to seeing on Saturdays."   -Kristy

7.)  "Mr. Alec has been my chess instructor for 8 years.  He has helped me develop different game strategies that I don't just use for chess, but to be always two steps ahead of anything.  He cares for his students a lot.  He is an amazing instructor."  -Kennedi (student) 

8.)  "Alec taught my children the gift of chess.  While they did not take classes long, it is a lifelong skill that we still enjoy together as a family.  I am grateful for the scholarship that he provided to us many years ago.  I hope Alec continues sharing his passion for chess with many people.  Thank you Alec!"   -D

9.)  "My son, Christopher, has been taking chess lessons with Alec for over a year now. During that time I have seen my son's chess skills increase. But, more importantly, Alec has created an environment where chess is fun and interesting. This is an environment in which my normally quiet son finds himself at home. Alec is easy going but does not permit any nonsense. Alec has a wonderful way of keeping a group of children focused on the task at hand without ever making a sharp comment or raising his voice. His focus is always on the positive, ever encouraging often making thoughtful suggestions. I am grateful that my child is a part of Alec's chess program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a child interested in the game of chess."    - Cynthia 

10.)  "My son loves attending Alec's weekly chess class.  He's a patient and gentle teacher who gives each child his or her due.  Jett learns something new each class by playing with both Alec and other students using different chess game variants and formats.  I've also taken several private lessons with Alec which have helped me improve my chess skills in just a few short meetings.  I highly recommend Alec to take your chess game to the next level!

11.)   "He is a really good teacher.  He is nice, kind and helps make me better.  He also makes the lessons really fun."   -Kayal (student)

12.)  "Our son has been taking chess classes with Alec for about 4 years.  He loves both his teacher and the class and is always excited to go. The game of chess teaches skills that go far beyond the game itself—logic, analysis, patience, decision making, just to name a few. But it can also be very difficult to learn, especially for young children. Alec makes his classes fun while keeping them challenging.  It has a lot to do with Alec's teaching and personal style. Alec is very approachable, patient and has a great sense of humor. He has a very good rapport with his students and creates a safe and conducive learning environment.  It is obvious Alec enjoys what he is doing. But most importantly, kids enjoy his classes and the game."    - Alla & Roman 

13.)  "I believe that Alec's chess class is by far the most fun you will have learning chess. His teaching style is fun, and effective. His style allows him to teach students in a comfortable and enjoyable environment while teaching them everything they need to know to progress and improve their game."    - Boris (Student)

14.)  "Alec is a great teacher! Alec is a patient, caring person and a great coach! Wonderful chess club! My son loves to come there, and it's a terrific place to have fun, get knowledge and develop their brains and minds..."  - Laura 

15.)  "Alec is very patient.  My children would like him to come every day to teach!  He inspires them to want to learn more and play chess in their free time!"    - Sara 

16.)  "My now-13-y.o. son has been taking virtual chess lessons with Coach Alec of Alec’s Chess Club over the past 3 years. During the pandemic, we looked for a fun, but still challenging chess lesson setting that also offered opportunities for some rated chess tournaments, and Alec’s Chess Club fit the bill perfectly. My son had weekly chess lessons, and when his schedule permitted (he also has Scouts and sports on the weekend), he also participated in the weekly weekend chess tournament.  Coach Alec is patient and made the lessons and games during the private lessons fun and challenging, and I like that the tournaments are primarily filled with elementary to middle school kids, so the games are competitive and great learning opportunities without being demoralizing (like it was playing at the local chess club with adults). Coach Alec really cares about the students, and also holds special tournaments with prizes and trophies!  I highly recommend Alec’s Chess Club for lessons!  - Grace

17.)  We feel very lucky to have Alec as a chess teacher.  We have not only learned how to play chess, but maybe even more importantly, we have learned to love to play chess. We have both been teachers, and can appreciate how difficult it is to be a good teacher.  When we work together to analyze games that we have played, Alec asks us to suggest moves which would have been better, then he waits until we examine the board to find the answer; he does not tell us the answer.  His patience is extraordinary, and his love of teaching and his love of the game of chess is inspirational.  Thank you Alec for your help in studying this wonderful game.  -   John & Jewel (Adult Students)

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